Why Eat Raw Food At The Coffee Gallery?The Coffee Gallery

Why Eat Raw Food At The Coffee Gallery?

Why Eat Raw Food At The Coffee Gallery?

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By on October 14th, 2018 in News & Events

For many, eating raw does not mean following a vegan or vegetarian diet, with meat being an integral part of their diet. Similar to the Paleo diet, a raw animal food diet involves eating a diet that is as close as possible to a natural hunter-gatherer lifestyle as possible. Unprocessed lean meat, in its natural state, is eaten raw animal food eaters, with great care taken into the history of the animal and its welfare. Grains and dairy food are not eaten and fruit is limited. Instead’ much of the nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle are taken from vegetable and nuts, as well as the meat of course.

Avoiding Toxins

All variations on a raw food diet are on the same mission to avoid chemicals and toxins that arise from the processing of food and to treat the body. This means that refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol are all of the menu for hardcore raw dieters, with some making dramatic changes in their lifestyle in the search for purity. Above all, those who adopt a raw diet believe that any food cooked at more than 49 degrees celsius can lose its nutrition and can be harmful to our bodies. The fundamental belief is that, in its natural state, the enzymes in food help to regulate protein and rebuild the body.

Enjoy Raw Snacks at The Coffee Gallery

Our coffees are ethically sourced and while not raw they are freshly brewed and good for you.. We have many non-GMO ingredients on our menu and have many recipes that are suitable for vegans. Where possible we are organic and when sourcing packaged food and drinks from brands that use non-GMO products. One of our favorite raw food brands is GoMacro. GoMacro offer a range of protein based bars that are suitable for vegans and are organic. The bars are also Gluten-Free, Kosher, and C.L.E.A.N-perfect for LA health enthusiasts.

Head to The Coffee Gallery today and enjoy some of our tasty drinks and treats as part of a healthy diet.

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