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This Is What A Coffee Shop Should Be like!

This Is What A Coffee Shop Should Be like!

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By on October 12th, 2018 in News & Events

It’s hard to overstate just how important coffee shops are in today’s culture. They’ve become an ubiquitous aspect of our lives.

Gone are the days where cafes were meant only for coffee drinkers. Today, they’re the perfect place to catch up with friends over brunch, a great place to study, hold meetings and more.

With such variety, it’s easy for coffee shops to forget that the focus of their business should always be in the coffee, which means that sometimes, you’ll run into a cafe that has it all… except great coffee.

If you’ve found yourself looking for the best places to drink coffee in Altadena, Eagle Rock, Glendale , La Canada and Pasadena, then we have a treat for you.

Committed to bringing years of experience in altadena , coffee gallery is not only a solid example of an independent local coffee shop but also a wonderful place to get great coffee and great service.

With spacious indoor seating area that’s perfect for relaxing or enjoying lunch, and a beautiful and comfortable outdoor area that practically begs you to enjoy one of Coffee Gallery’s locally made ice cream flavors, this cafe is a great choice for those looking for a welcoming and unique coffee shop that boasts not only a good ambience but also high quality coffee.

This locally roasted coffee shop doesn’t only offer a space for people of all walks of life, but also offers a made to order menu meant for just about anyone; With various options, all of them made with locally sourced organic ingredients, you can rest assured that the food you’ll eat here will be just as enjoyable as the coffee.

With a variety of salty and sweet options, there’s something for everyone and, since all the items on the menu are made to order, personalizing them to fit specific dietary needs is easy to do!

Veggie wraps and salads bowls that are perfect for the vegan or vegetarian crowd. Delicious pressed paninis made with Boar’s Head deli meats; freshly made Belgian waffles; local hand-crafted Fosselman’s ice cream flavors and much more, you can rest assured that this is a solid choice, whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy breakfast, brunch or lunch.

As if that wasn’t enough, this independent local coffee shop also boasts a small artisanal bakery, all without sacrificing the quality off the coffee, made with the best coffee beans North Carolina has to offer.

However, Coffee Gallery brings to the table years of experience and passion for coffee, mixes it with locally sourced ingredients and delivers a comfortable cafe with delicious food and coffee that’s more than worth a visit…or several.

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