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The Best Cold Coffees For Summer

The Best Cold Coffees For Summer

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By on August 8th, 2019 in News & Events

Summer is well and truly happening which means it is time to buy iced coffees and frappuccinos  and ditch your usual Americano. Naturewell boutique coffee shop has a wide range of cold coffees on offer, as well a refreshing teas and cold drinks.

The Best Coffees for Summer

Among the best coffees to enjoy during the warmer months are:

Iced Coffee—If you like your coffee as simple as possible you can opt for an iced coffee. You can have your usual coffee, whether with milk (almond coffee works well with almond milk) or without and just have it with ice rather than piping hot.

Cold Brew—Unlike hot coffee served over ice, a cold brew offers superior flavor. Coffee brewed cold has a mellow taste which means you can really taste the beans

Frappuccino—Fraps have been popular for many years and the trend is not set to go away. You can enjoy frappuccinos with or without caffeine and they come in many flavors, including mango, caramel, and coconut.

Espresso Milkshake—If you love milkshakes but you do not want to go without your coffee hit, you can have the best of both worlds with a shot of expresso in your shake. Chocolate or caramel flavored milkshakes work best.

Affogato—A coffee and a dessert in one, yes please! You can enjoy can this strong coffee with a spoon of vanilla ice-cream that will transport you to a coffee shop in Italy in seconds

To enjoy iced coffees at the best coffee shop LA has to offer, head to The Coffee Gallery today.

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