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The Best Cities In The World For Coffee Lovers

The Best Cities In The World For Coffee Lovers

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By on August 8th, 2019 in News & Events

If you are a coffee fanatic and cannot get enough of the good stuff, the good news is that great coffee can be found all over the world. Boutique coffee has the power to wake us up., give us energy, and make a great space for friendships to blossom.

Istanbul—Turkish coffee is strong, sweet and very flavorful plus the city is one of the prettiest you will ever visit. 

Milan—as well as being one of the fashion capitals of the world, you can get a great cup of coffee wherever you are in Milan. Italian love espressos and you will often see lines of people propping up the bar for their daily fix of caffeine.

Vienna—if you like your coffee strong and full of flavor then Viennese coffee is just the ticket. As well as an enjoyable coffee house culture Vienna is a UNESCO world heritage sight which means you can look at stunning building as you get your caffeine fix.

VietnamThe Vietnamese bring a whole new level to coffee drinking, often adding the likes of eggs and yogurt for a more robust flavor. Specialty coffee served from boats in the Kenh Te Canal is one of the best things you will taste in your lifetime.

Los Angeles—last, but not least, LA is a great place for coffee lovers. Whether you buy boutique coffee to take back home or to your LA Airbnb or you head to great coffee shops like The Coffee Gallery, you can always look forward to freshly brewed coffee with influences from all around the world.

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