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Small Budget Lunch Service for Altadena Film Productions

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By on August 4th, 2020 in News & Events

Catering to a movie can be expensive, particularly if your film involves lots of field productions. When travelling around LA to film your movie you will need to ensure that your cast and crew are fed and watered adequately and that food is nutritious and filling. The Coffee Gallery is a popular craft coffee shop in Altadena and we support film production companies with all aspects of food catering. 

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The team at The Coffee Gallery pride itself of great customer service, which does not change whether we are serving 10 people or one hundred. Instead of dealing with complicated movie catering contracts you can work with a knowledgeable team who can organise everything that you need in terms of coffee and, breakfast and, lunch on set. You can set up a regular order with regular payments so that your staff going hungry is something that you do not have to worry about. Think regular pastries and coffee delivered each morning or healthy salads served at lunch time when you need to take a break. The food that we serve is always made fresh on-site and is never warmed up, so you can count on great tasting food every time. The same goes with our coffee, it is freshly roasted and served just as you like it.

As the best craft coffee service in LA, The Coffee Gallery can design the custom coffee menu for your film shoot which can help to keep you on track when it comes to your catering budget. If you do not require a large amount of coffee, that is ok. We can prepare a takeout order to be picked up or we are always happy to deliver to you. 

To hire The Coffee Gallery for your next movie production, TV shoot or Hollywood meeting, contact us today and we can get grinding those beans and setting up your regular order.

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