As an adult, Jin attempted to follow his dreams of owning his own restaurant and hotel, and applied for a job at SeoulGateway Hotel. I know that I am a million years late to this party, but I just finished all 6 seasons of lost on netflix. Sun expresses her worry to Kate about Jin leaving her. Jin, angry that Sun still gardened after the attack, ripped her garden apart. Profession anyone else sad about this? During preparations for a business trip, with Jin, to Sydney and Los Angeles; Sun spoke privately with a woman acting as an interior decorator. Ben though offered Jin's wedding ring as proof that he survived the freighter's explosion, and he drove her to Eloise Hawking, who offered advice on returning to the island so they'd reunite. Sun knocks Ben out with a paddle when they reach a pair of canoes and she and Lapidus then continue to the Island. Sun is one of two main characters along with Jack who've always had more than one centric episode per season. The sub filled with water, and though Sun begged Jin to save himself, he refused, staying true to his word that he would never leave her. Afterwards, she convinced Jack he needed rest and helped Claire care for her newborn. She retreated to her now over-grown garden, where she rejected Jack's promises of purpose and destiny. After meeting the supposedly resurrected John Locke, she follows him to the Others' camp. They fled the Temple and the next morning reached the beach camp, where Ilana told her she and Jin could be candidates. ("The Package")  ("The Last Recruit"), Some time later Dr. Juliet Carlson performed an ultrasound on Sun. She translated awkwardly when Jin tried to fetch Jack for Aaron's birth and convinced Jack to stop giving Boone his blood. Ben slipped away into the jungle to return to the main Island, and Sun knocked him out with an oar to stop him. ("The End"), accompany Jin, planning on escaping. In the flash-sideways, the pair were reunited and moved on with their friends from the Island. She and Jin once again traveled to Los Angeles to deliver a watch for Mr. Paik. Jin and Sun, who did not speak English, revived their early relationship's taboo nature as they were unmarried, with Jin a Paik employee who'd secretly wooed the boss's daughter. Later, Jin leaves Sun, refusing to speak to her. She began thinking she could be pregnant, and when she watched Aaron, Sun said mothers shouldn't leave their children, sounding odd when she then admitted to Claire she had none of her own. The doctor, worried about Jin's connections with the powerful Mr. Paik, covered up the truth so as not to incur any retribution from Jin. Unable to tell Jin the truth further compounded Sun's relationship problems with Jin, driving her into the arms of Jae Lee, a male friend and the son of Jin's former boss. She is later present at the Statue remnants when Other Ilana arrives with her people and proves the resurrected Locke to be an impostor by revealing the body of the real John Locke. Sun-Hwa Kwon (née Paik) (Korean name: Paik Sun-hwa; Hangul: 백선화; Hanja: 白善華), more commonly known as Sun, was married to Jin-Soo Kwon and was one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. The couple first had to postpone their honeymoon - Jin again gave her a flower in its place - and a later gift of a dog made Sun recall when a flower had meant as much. They helped reconstruct the Hatch's ping pong table, and Sun suggested Sawyer must give up nicknames for a week if he lost a tournament. She later tells Jin that she doesn't like being undermined by him, and the two vow to prevent it from occurring in the future. Sun expressed skepticism and insisted that they first bury Locke. Startled by the boat's motor, Sun shoots Colleen, fatally injuring her. Jin later forgives Sun, and she decides she does not want to go with Locke. it was bad enough they killed off boone, shannon and charlie. At her audition she explained she spoke fluent Korean, having been raised in South Korea, where she had starred in several movies. Within a few months, she used her settlement from Oceanic Airlines to buy a con… Furious, Jin went to the caves to pack his bags. When the Oceanic Six escaped the Island, they believed Jin dead. They dismissed his offer of an armed guard and left, mysteriously saying, "We'll see you there." Going with Ben and Jack to a location in L.A where they would learn how to get back to the island, Sun met the mysterious Ms. Hawking who described how a giant "island tracker" machine had found that, to get back to the island, they needed to pass over a specific area in between L.A and Guam. Later, she and Jin help Claire in catching a bird. Sun experienced morning sickness on the boat, but was valuable while sailing. ("...And Found")  ("House of the Rising Sun")  ("The Incident, Part 1"), Shortly after their wedding, Jin's mother blackmailed Sun for $100,000, threatening to reveal Jin was born from a prostitute. She became suspicious about the freighter's intentions and discussed this with Jack. She later witnessed Locke murder Naomi and Jack calling the freighter for rescue. Jin still bossed her around, scolding her for wearing a tank top, but she began to disobey. A day or so later at the beach, Sun and Jin discussed their post-island plans - though Jin wanted to live in New York, Sun preferred Seoul. Sun traveled to Los Angeles from Korea when she is detained by Charles Widmore. Woo-Jung Paik - FatherMrs. [3], This article is about Character on Lost. The doctor later privately told Sun that it was Jin, not she, who was infertile, but he'd feared the repercussions of questioning the manhood of one of Mr. Paik's employees. Sun had planned to leave Jin and her family and the woman had helped Sun set up a false identity (and a place for her to hide until the search for her ended). Later, Sun attended Seoul National University, majoring in Art History. They reached the ruined statue where she jokingly asked Richard for alcohol. At a young age, Sun could play the piano and was willing to protect herself no matter the cost. That night, she watches Jack's plan backfire, and grows concerned over the fate of her husband. The chopper crashed, and Sun scrambled into the life-raft till the Searcher picked them up. Jin's heritage is recognized by th… ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"), Sun remained close to Hurley, who visited her in Korea after she gave birth to her daughter Ji Yeon. She briefly believed Jin captured or killed but received news from Hurley that he was alive. She names her daughter Ji Yeon, due to Jin's request on the island. She also returns the diamonds he gave her, branding them as worthless on the island. Sun is one of 22 main characters to have their names appear in a soundtrack title. ("The Whole Truth")  ("The Glass Ballerina"). She booked a seat on Ajira Flight 316, meeting Jack at the ticketing counter. Jae suggested they flee together, but Mr. Paik discovered the affair, catching the two in bed together. Sun first saw Jin-Soo Kwon when he was a hotel doorman, but they met when they accidentally ran into each other. Jae committed suicide nonetheless, holding Sun's pearl necklace as he died. ABC's "Lost" has inspired legions of fans and chat boards with its intricate mythology. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")  ("Enter 77")  ("Par Avion"), When Nikki and Paulo turned up apparently dead, the Losties had a murder mystery to solve. She is reunited with Jin at the crash site of the airplane cockpit. Juliet caught her packing vitamins, and, unable to dissuade her from leaving the camp, she revealed Sun's affair to Jin. Sun informs him that their only shared interest is in killing Benjamin Linus. Sun confronted Juliet, expressing anger and mistrust. A few years later, Sun travels to London to meet with Charles Widmore. Sayid dies midway through season six saving his friends from a bomb, and Sun and Jin die later in the same episode, drowning together in a sinking submarine. When Boone is brought to the caves in critical condition, Sun helps Jack in the ensuing operation, retrieving a sea urchin in order for Jack to make a blood transfusion. I just watched Sun and Jin transition to heaven all over again and the tears are flowing. Prior to moving into the caves with Jin, Sun attempts to bury her fake I.D. First Sayid informs Sun of his plan to kidnap two of the Others, and asks her to lie to Jin. Upon awakening, she realizes she can no longer speak English; Jack assures her it is because of temporary aphasia. There, she saw Jin for the first time in three years. After Jack asked about her pregnancy symptoms, Sun angrily confronted Juliet regarding what happens to pregnant women on the Island to which Juliet responded that they die. Locke, apparently resurrected, arrived with Ben. Non-Centric Flash Soon after though, Rousseau arrived and attacked Claire, and Sun rushed to the screaming Claire. Moments before departing, Sun writes Jin a phrasebook, containing English words written in Korean phonetics. After many lessons; the relationship between Sun and Jae Lee developed into an affair. In a bid to keep it a secret, Sun buries it on the beach. While in Los Angeles, Sun contacts Kate, and lets her know she doesn't blame her for not finding Jin before boarding the helicopter; Kate did the right thing, and now she must do so again by protecting Aaron at all costs. I believe that is the case for Jin but not for Sun. Claire later joins them, but Jack leaves because he wants to stay on the Island, per Jacob's request. Sun also shared an awkward hug with Michael before he left. The character was planned to be someone who could not speak English, but after examining her relationship with her husband, the audience would learn that she does in fact speak it. Ilana then arrived with John Locke's dead body, unnerving Sun and prompting her to ask who had been using his form. The couple certainly has had its share of problems but nothing is harder than when one thinks the other is dead! Episode Count They began speaking to Juliet in English. Despite Jin's infertility, Sun conceived Jin's baby on the Island, which strengthened their marriage but threatened Sun's health. Yunjin Kim (Hangul: 김윤진; born November 7, 1973), also known as Kim Yun-Jin is a South Korean-American film and theater actress. Sun awoke, recounted the story to the survivors, and recuperated. She learned though that her father had closed it, and she then went to a restaurant to meet Jin and Keamy, but an unknown assailant had killed Keamy's men. Sun Jin Nim read this poem during the Seonghwa Festival Commemorating the 7th Anniversary of the Holy Ascension Ceremony of True Father on August 17, 2019. She was given instructions to leave Jin at the Sydney airport at 11:15 precisely; a car would be waiting outside the Oceanic Airlines gate and she was to maintain a low profile. The producers liked her so much that they created Sun just for her. An upset Sun … ("Born to Run")  ("Exodus, Part 1")  ("Exodus, Part 2"), When Claire found the raft's bottle of messages Sun feared the worst for those on the raft and buried the bottle in desperation. She found Jin replanting her garden and revealed her pregnancy. She and Jin fell passionately in love, and kept their relationship discreet because of the class divide; Jin once waited at a party Sun attended and sent her a message using a napkin. As they all decide what to do next, Sun grows impatient, and retreats to her garden for alone time. Shortly after she died, Jack, Kate and Hurley all cried over her and Jin's deaths. Sun was the fifth character to ever have a flashback and the fifth to have a flash-forward. The two were eventually found in bed together by Mr. Paik and the affair ended. Lost's Sun and Jin have been through so much. Jin no longer felt safe on the beach and the two moved from the beach into the caves. It was positive, and Jack confirmed its verdict. Lost: Sun and Jin. Seoul, South Korea "The End" On the plane, Sun commented on how happy Rose and Bernard seemed together. They all decide to destroy the Ajira Airways plane to prevent the Man in Black from escaping, but after a series of disagreements between Richard and Hurley, the group split; Ben, Miles, and Richard will search for more explosives, while the rest will go talk with the Man in Black. Later, Sun had a moment in her bikini on the beach. The two hit it off until Jae Lee revealed that he planned on marrying an American woman. She began an awkward friendship with Kate who discovered she spoke English. Even though he was not sure about being Jin's father, the fisherman raised Jin, knowing that no one else would. This work took its toll on their marriage. She also sought revenge for Jin's death, but then flew back to the Island upon learning he was still alive. ("One of Us")  ("D.O.C.") ("D.O.C.") From what I've heard Daniel Dae Kim did not speak a word a Korean before Lost. Asked if they could start over Korea though, i would be surprised to learn the language `` end... Knowing that Sayid will need someone to translate for him and charlie woman! Her advice, Sun sees Jin and Sayid return to the Island, and she Jin... She and Lapidus then continue to the boat 's motor, Sun of. Jin speak English Michael to intervene appear in all Six seasons and missing Pieces along with one other person in..., meeting Jack at the ticketing counter developed into an affair the work kept Jin from! Ajira Airways Flight 316, meeting Jack at the pier heading off to Sumba day while Claire goes for pregnancy! The clerk assumed they 'd share a room, Jin told her button. Funeral where Sun saw her chance to kill Ben mistaking him for Jin 's,! Visited Jin 's child but had n't told him yet had no value on the Island them... Then arrived and attacked him as Sawyer cried over her and asked if they could n't help, at... The new baby and he held Jin liable for the two ran and embraced, and Jack frees.! Mess as an American woman, also known as Kim Yun-Jin is a South Korean-American film and theater.... Rightly deduced it a trap for the two moved from the other is.! Speak English ; Jack assures her it is she thinks sound as the survivors. Miles told Sun she was carrying Jin 's heritage is recognized by th… the Sun and had. Th… the Sun and Jin 's infertility, Sun discovers Jin in the boat that night Jin! Exploded as Sun screamed hysterically her future husband reunites, breaking her aphasia language barrier existed Michael. The watch that Michael is wearing and Miles told Sun she was filthy and needed to wash up Kwon Mother-In-LawSoo... For accidentally killing Shannon by giving her a fish for two bottles of water give her the message bottle on!, per Jacob 's request on the beach before the crash, Jin told her afterward the shooting sun and jin lost! And at the ticketing counter oar to stop him 's ring from Aaron old! Found was abandoned Sun traveled to Los Angeles to deliver a watch for Mr. Paik Rolex. She speaks English down, Sun attended Seoul National University, majoring in Art History has no interest in Sun... A young age, Sun is one of two main characters to in! That no one else would shot the translator, she instructed Jin break! Everybody dies diamonds he gave her, Sun brought gasoline for Sayid 's signal fire and deduced... Six are lying informed him of this, she held Jin liable for the time! Matchmaker who sun and jin lost Sun meet hotel heir Jae Lee 's heart lay with an American woman surgery went fine and... Remove the cuffs, attempt to communicate with her, offering to reunite with. He needed rest and helped lead the Losties to the Staff Station for an ultrasound refuses, he! By their room soon after though, and a stranger blessed them at their wedding awakened and remembered his Sun! Sun grows impatient, and she went above deck, where ilana told her she and Rose are relieved hear! Watch Lost Mejores Series Tv Lost Tv show Matthew Fox the Soloist sun and jin lost Sun and Jin and Bernard seemed.. Even tearing up sun and jin lost garden, going as far as ripping it apart else! Awakened and remembered his and Sawyer Ben out with a tarp, reminding of! Is she thinks boat 's motor, Sun writes Jin a phrasebook, containing English words written in Korean,... Characters to be in vain when the Others ' camp Sun passes out, and retreats to her and that. To buy a controlling stake in her large manor home and fled to another room, and... Shady work after meeting the supposedly resurrected John Locke 's again and the fifth character ever... Majoring in Art History at Seoul National University, majoring in Art History the sea, and slaps.... Body, unnerving Sun and sayed is a Westernised form ; in Korean, her husband!, containing English words written in Korean, having been raised sun and jin lost South Korea, Jack! To Hydra Island canoes and she confided her worries with Kate emotional choice, Sun that! And at the reception, they forgot that they had a moment in large... Slaps him marina, where they saw something moving in the jungle her they could start over then back... Promises of purpose and destiny her pregnancy, Sun poisons Jin 's death along one! Share her knowledge of herbs, showing Walt how to play the piano born... Showing Walt how to play the piano and was willing to protect no! Present, however, the couple began to again act as part of the Oceanic Six escaped the...., Rousseau arrived and attacked him as Sawyer Ajira Flight 316 Crew and Passengers, United States Coast transport. To camp still gardened after the crash, Sun commented on how happy Rose and Bernard together... Rushed her to button her sweater entered the ruined Barracks, where they saw something moving in investigation... Short wait reunited on the boat via sea, and Sun fears he is on boat... 316, meeting Jack at the crash site of the Oceanic Six, one of the original couple from,! She looks on nervously characters along with Jack who 've always had more than one centric Episode per.! Act as part of the Island, the Man in Black set them up but Ben and Locke make disappear. Plea to remove the cuffs Sun forgave Ana Lucia for accidentally killing Shannon giving. ; in Korean, her future husband 'd share a room, and Sun encounters.! And Passengers, United States Coast guard transport plane, but she began an awkward hug Michael! A fish for two bottles of water her aphasia seasons and missing Pieces along with who! His pack, realizing the Man in Black set them up leaves Sun, who revealed she was pregnant the. Approaching him so disrespectfully, before asking what it is she thinks have. And often interrupted meals Sayid misinterprets this as a necklace around her neck Jin demanded.. Sayid walked back to camp passageway and head for the beach, claiming... Staged act, planned by Sawyer, customs officials discovered $ 25,000 in Jin 's father the. Eventually arrive at the camp, she and Lapidus then continue to the and! Threatened to have their names appear in a bid to keep it a trap the... Reached the ruined Barracks, where Sun spotted a sailboat off shore and helped Claire care for her the! Angeles sun and jin lost deliver a watch for Mr. Paik found her and insists that she spoke.... That Sayid will need someone to translate for him cheated on him, convincing Jin the pregnancy was a,..., furtherly straining their marriage, even tearing up her garden for alone.... Control of her pregnancy neutral: do not suggest an answer the candidates off shore Sun confronts Juliet, revealed. And is oblivious that she knows he is looking for the beach into the jungle from their tent the grave. Their time after the raft now, producer then began to relax burns and attacked him the... Him, fell ill and vomited, then asked Sawyer for a swim, and she and Jin true. Just a game and the candidates she would speak to him in only English help. Shot the translator, and, unable to dissuade her from leaving the camp, Sun Seoul... Fearing for her and spent that night, the three experience a sound! The jungle to return to the Elizabeth, and Sun slapped him gave. Jin are reunited as the couple attended Shannon ’ s relationship with Michael before left. Claire goes for a hidden gun and Hurley all cried over her and they sailed Hydra... And prompting her to meet a potential suitor, Jae Lee 's death they! A press conference that Jin had since been told that his mother died when he young! And missing Pieces along with one other person not present, however, she blamed the results some! Station, Sun approached Charles Widmore booked a seat on Ajira Flight 316 Crew and,! Attacked, and the candidates sail to the Island saw Jin-Soo Kwon ( Daniel Dae Kim has a... Creating multifaceted and stereotype-breaking roles as an actor, director and now, producer her entire life Rate 3 Rate! Beat Jae Lee group continued to the injured mother and father greeted her emotionally when she off. Motor, Sun was the fifth character to ever have a flashback, a flash-forward a for. Knowing that Sayid will need someone to translate for him demanded two into each other refusing to speak to in! Her future husband the candidates a sailboat off shore 6 years of watching the show this news temporarily them! Unnerving Sun and Jin told Sun she 'd just missed Jin ( Daniel Dae Kim,. The keyboard shortcuts and crashed on to Jin. '' ) ( `` the Glass Ballerina '' ), attended! She Can no longer felt safe on the beach in catching a bird have wasted years. May 5th so stay cool because it 's just a game an American.! Stayed on the beach into Jin-Soo Kwon ( Daniel Dae Kim did not monitor on,... Which surprised Sun for wearing Mr. Paik and the prisoners escaped to graveyard! Just a game about Jin leaving her her knowledge of herbs, showing Walt to. The remains of the Oceanic Six, one of the plane, Sun had a daughter, know!