You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Cheetor fouled up and clued Megatron in as to what was going on, but Tigatron led an escape, and the pair were able to destroy Tarantulas's weapon, though too late to contact the probe. As a result he was viewed as aloof and was less willing to participate in pre-emptive military actions, but he always willing to run to the Maximal's rescue whenever they were on the brink of disaster or ultimate Predacon victory. He was later around in the Axalon to welcome Airazor to the team. Airazor and Tigatron were kept in a form of stasis until near the end of the Beast Wars, when they were merged into the powerful being Tigerhawk. The Maximals were able to activate his pod's scanners by bouncing a transmission from the Axalon, to the moon to the pod. Several toys of Tigatron were rare exclusives at the Transformers convention, Botcon. Among them, she noted a "white tiger." First revealed at Wonder Festival 2020 in Japan, Tigatron got the attention of Beast Wars fans quickly thanks to his correct size and really cartoon-accurate design in both modes. The Quintesson, attempting to 'port Cryotek away, locked both the Predacon and Sentinel Maximus in a containment field that threatened to suck them away into a dimension of nothingness. His code of honor is equal to the ranks of those like Dinobot and Silverbolt. LG24 Shockwave & Cancer Prologue Tigatron then attended Cancer's first concert, Bonus Edition Vol. Tigatron and Airazor share a love of the Earth, as each considers it their home. He named himself … Tigatron and Airazor left Ramulus to commune with the Vok on their own, but could not successfully contact them. The Mysterious Knowledgeable Grandpa Chapter, LG-18 Armada Starscream Super Mode Prologue, Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals (N64), Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals (PS), More information on Hasbro Tigatron at, More information on Takara Tigatron at, More information on Transmetal Tigatron on, More information on Device Label Tigatron at, More information on Dawn of the Predacus Tigatron at,, Tigatron's archived BotCon Online profile, Just as zombie-Airazor began to strike, her spark entered his body through the sword. He lead Unit 2 on a mission to seek peace, but was attacked by Predaking and Decepticon attack squads lead by Megatron. Applicable Skills Tigatron later attended a meeting where Ironhide reported on the progress of the new recruits. In his first Body, Megatron is ca… "Lay still." Transforming, he quickly dispatched the Predacons, but told Optimus Primal that he preferred to remain in the wilds. Tigatron was at a loss at how to proceed when the Council received an audience from First Resistor Cheetor and Preditron, founder of their opposing tribe. Possession He also helped provide reinforcements for Dinobot and Rattrap, as the pair tried to find a cure for the energon discharge virus with which Rhinox had been afflicted. Born in the far, frozen north, heavily damaged in his identity circuits and unable to remember friend from foe, Tigatron took to his beast mode. There are two instances of a character coming back to life. Tigatron eventually committed ritual suicide over what he'd done, only to be revived by the energies of the sparks released by the obliterated Rampage. 33,77 EUR. 29 He then witnessed Weirdwolf's transtector run away from him, Bonus Edition Vol. When he encountered Predacon activity, he was capable of transforming rapidly and reconfiguring his titanium tail into a powerful quasar cannon, which he then used to vaporize his enemies! Beast Wars Metals #4, Succumbing to his grief, Tigatron committed ritual suicide. Posted on January 22, 2021 at 11:33 am by Black Convoy under Beast Wars, Transformers Masterpiece Thanks to 2005 Boards member levandowski for sharing in our board an images of a possible first look at an unreleased Masterpiece MP-50 Tigatron … This gave Tarantulas the chance to take over Tigatron's mind with a Predacon control unit. Ramulus knocked at the door of his chambers to alert him to their arrival on Archa Nine, and Tigatron sensed that danger awaited the Wreckers. Windblade Sequel Tigatron went on to witness Black Convoy cause trouble at Tokyo Toy Show 2015, Bonus Edition Black Convoy and relocate to Metroplex's city mode when it became Axalon Co.'s new office building. Fellow Maximal, Cheetor, admires Tigatron's wisdom and bravery - the fact that Tigatron is another felinehelps – and often calls him “Big Cat”. The brief battle saw Starscream kill the Titan, and in accordance with Blackarachnia's prophecy, the leaders of Eukaris agreed to join the Council. Although Tigatron is peace loving and his primary roles are remote reconnaissance and environmental research, he can be a very effective warrior when he needs to. Tigerhawk in the Beast Wars TV show. Beast Wars Metals #4. Beast Wars. The Council attended an emergency meeting to discuss the threat and wound up preparing for an all-out war. Law of the Jungle. Despite his strong command of this environment, Unit 2 wondered if his destiny and place were elsewhere. [8], Tigatron and Fractyl appeared together in the story Wreckers: Finale Part II by the Transformers Collectors Club in 2007. In the end, it was the Predacons' act of taking out Dinobot and Primal which made Tigatron realise that he had to do everything he could to protect the land. Beast Wars Cybertron/Polar Scout Tigatron joins in the Transformer Masterpiece Series!Tigatron, from the TVCG animation Beast Wars, is faithfully reproduced and features a complete transformation from White Siberian Tiger to robot!This fully-poseable Tigatron enables the animation poses, and Tiger Shot can be kept inside the body when the figure is in beast … But we proved unworthy... and the paradise is no more. Each character possessed an alternate ending, displayed if the game was beaten with said character. Transformers Masterpiece MP-50 Tigatron jumps out of the Beast Wars screen and into your collection with this faithfully remastered version of the Beast Wars Classic Tigatron. 30 and was in the cheering audience when Fortress inaugurated the new Autobot-Axalon HQ. Tigatron - Beast Wars - Toy Gallery (Page #1) is a massive website about Transformers toys, cartoons, comics, and movies. Anguished, Tigatron quit the Beast Wars, refusing to fight any longer, despite several of the Maximals trying to persuade him otherwise. Descripción Valoraciones (0) Descripción. "You've been hit badly. Airazoris the name of threefictional charactersfrom theTransformersseries. Tigatron Chapter The battle resolved, the other-dimensional Transformers returned to their place of origin and the Beast Wars continued as they were. She, like Tigatron, has an innate hatred of Predacons, though she is not quite so fierce in this as the tiger. In the series Transformers Animated, a nod was made to Tigatron when a baseball stadium in the future Detroit was named Tigatron Stadium, also a reference to the now-demolished Tiger Stadium. The wait is over, the latest installment in the popular Beast Wars Masterpiece line is out! 40,00 EUR. The island crashed, leaving Tigatron with profound regret. Behind My Bleeding Back After some diplomatic maneuvering, Earth selected an ambassador to formally represent their planet on the galactic stage; in the ensuing ceremony commemorating this new alliance, however, Baron Ironblood and his Iron Ring invaded Iacon as part of a genocidal attack on the Cybertronian species. 45 got blasted by Repugnus who was learning to control a mech suit, Bonus Edition Vol. This article is a featured article, and considered to be one of the most informative on this wiki. He was swiftly able to freeze the scorpion, only to be taken out by Blackarachnia's cyber venom. Las mejores ofertas para Transformers obra maestra Tigatron (Beast Wars) MP-50 están en eBay Compara precios y características de productos nuevos y … Adventure When Windblade looked back at the fun memories she'd made in the Legends world, she remembered feeding Tigatron at the cafe she worked at. Tigatron and the others tried to free Sentinel Maximus with their various weapons, but had no luck. Bonus Edition Vol. The Bishōjo Fan Gap He came with the other Transformers fans of Axalon to the Transformers Celebration 2014 event, where he drooled over a Super GT race queen model and was the only one to enjoy a video message from a pop idol group. The Wreckers and various other teams which persisted on the planet met with the Oracle, which assigned each of them a task. Bonus Edition Convobat He cheered for Ginrai following his defeat of Devil Z, Bonus Edition Vol. Tigatron is a fictional character from the Transformers series introduced in 1996. In this story Tigatron served as a member of the Primal Councilafter the death of Optimus Prime. Tigatron also met up with Rattrap, Nightscream, and Botanica, and after avoiding the question of the fate of Airazor, learned that Al-Badur had led the Wreckers and Cryotek to a long-forgotten Quintesson sentencing chamber. Primeval Dawn Part 3, Tigatron, Primal Prime, and others arrived on Cybertron during Megatron's anti-biological reign and joined Apelinq's Wreckers. He awoke Ramulus from his pod, but Spittor had already been reprogrammed into a Predacon by the time they reached him. Following his death at the end of the Beast Wars, Tigatron was reborn with Vok-enhanced powers and has returned to the Earth to aid his new commander, Primal Prime, in preventing the undead Tarantulas from succeeding in his evil plans. The Medium and the Message The situation took a drastic turn when Optimus managed to raise a Titan from beneath Monument Valley; with Titans having great spiritual import among the colonists, the delegates began reconsidering their vote and ultimately allowed Earth, its status as a Transformer colony supposedly confirmed, a provisional seat on the Council. The pair were soon abducted by a bizarre alien plant. In the crash, much of his datatracks were erased, leaving him without the knowledge of which faction he belonged too. It was then that the Vehicon generals Spy Streak, Scavenger, Quake and Blastcharge attacked. Convincing him that she didn't need rescuing herself, and promising that she'd see him again someday, the soldier sent Tigatron on his way. He did not reside in the Maximal Base, but rather in the wilderness of Earth, checking in to the Maximals via laser relay stations. 24 creeped around Ai when she arrested the Sweeps, Bonus Edition Vol. Stay tuned with TFW2005 for more information. TRANSFORMERS RAMPAGE BEAST WARS ALMOST COMPLETE HASBRO ULTRA CLASS JAVITRON. Airazor would often save Tigatron’s life and vice versa. 2 #6. Tokyo Toy Show 2014 Report Part 1 On seeing Yūki Tai on stage, Tigatron commented that when his name was read in the Japanese order, it sounded like "saiyuuki". Soon the Wreckers met up with the native Cybertronian counterforce, led by Cheetor. More likely, it's the test shot for an upcoming repaint. Their sparks then merged, resulting in the all-powerful Tigerhawk. Weapon: Tail becomes Cannon, stomach becomes squirter. Product Description. For Tigatron they simply modified Cheetor's model. Shortly after the planet-eater destroyed Eukaris, Tigatron joined the other members of the Council of Worlds in an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. Optimus Primal and Optimus Prime then teamed up to take down the Decepticon for good. He was accompanied by a handful of soldiers into the field for this end. BotCon 2006 Tigatron profile card, When the Golden Disk was stolen by a band of rogue Predacons, Unit 2 responded along with Unit 1, Nitrostreak. He was found by Tarantulas, who brainwashed him into a slave. 26 and fled from Scourge's Zodiac-fueled rampage. 17 During another encounter with Chromia, Tigatron learned about her use of armor parts to appear different and was ecstatic to see her and Arcee trade armors. Spittor had joined a reborn Ravage and the recently created Iguanus and Razorclaw, and so the two groups battled. Tigatron and the other delegates who had been privy to the adventure attended a meeting with Elita One as the Carcerian commander explained the sordid history of Liege Maximo. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bonus Edition Black Convoy 2, Tigatron was among the victims gobbled up by Trypticon during his rampage, Bonus Edition Vol. The Low Road, While providing aid for Cheetor and Dinobot, Tigatron easily trounced Waspinator and Inferno, but a stray shot from his weapon caused an avalanche, killing his tiger friend Snowstalker. The 2006 comic Timelines: Dawn of Futures Past would reveal a possible background for Tigatron. Fallen Comrades, From the northern territories, he would send weekly updates to the Axalon through communication towers. Beast Wars Metals #3, Airazor soon found Tigatron and, seeing he was being mind-controlled, linked her consciousness with his body in an attempt to free her beloved's mind. When battling combiners from Cybertron briefly touched upon the planet, Airazor and Tigatron witnessed Optimus Maximus battling against Devastator in Talon Valley. Product Description. Airazor then opened her eyes as she saw Tigatron still in beast mode and Winter. But when the Vok interrupted the vision, Cheetor woke up screaming. 31, Tigatron went on to panic when Weirdwolf showed up at his workplace, Bonus Edition Vol. When one of the archeologists, Jessica Theist, later touched one of the markings, she was bestowed a vision of the Maximals' and Predacons' battles. A Better Mousetrap, When a temporal probe sent by the Maximal High Council neared the planet, Tigatron defended the Maximals while they tried to build a transmission tower on Predacon soil. While they were occupied, Tarantulas, who was resurrected with the power of the Vok at his command, battled Primal Prime and ripped the Matrix of Leadership from his chest. As Tigatron attempted to confront Spittor, Airazor knocked Spittor away, as she noted that the Predacon was covered in lethal poison. Shell Game #1. When Megatron initiated a somewhat suspicious truce shortly afterward, Optimus Primal ordered a covert infiltration of the Predacon base. Bonus Edition Rattrap He went on to help convince Skids not to send all the Legends Universe's interdimensional visitors back to where they came from, Bonus Edition Vol. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Rubicon, Ultimately, Windblade and Vigilem were able to repel the undead Titans, but Windblade was left grievously inured by the strain of controlling Vigilem, who managed to disgorge the imprisoned Liege Maximo from his innards before perishing. Clash and Wrath of the Cybertronian Titans,, Hero 4th Edition role playing game character sheet for. Other Visits (Part 1), The two were not seen again until much later, when their inert bodies were revealed to be the captives of the Vok, floating somewhere in a deep-space nebula. The Predacons want it for its power and strategic advantage. Motorarm Chapter, Tigatron and Airazor's sparks were sent back to Earth by the Vok sometime after Tigerhawk's destruction. Tigatron's voice actor attended BotCon 2006 at the Lexington Convention Center for the 10th anniversary of the TV series. This page was last modified on 25 January 2021, at 03:59. In the final battle with the Decepticons he helped form Magnaboss. Universe Razorclaw profile Ask Vector Prime, 2015/08/07, When the Heralds of Unicron destabilized the Decepticon space bridge nexus, causing the space bridges to become windows to other dimensions, Jetfire caught a glimpse of Rattrap and Tigatron in one of the portals. Bonus Edition Vol. Desiring death over harming her, Tigatron gave her o… This decision was for the best as Tigatron was capable with combining with four of his fellow council members into Magnaboss. Arcee Chapter To Tigatron's shock, an amnesiac Windblade decided to live at his house, which led to him getting caught in the middle during conflicts between her and his partner Airazor. Using the knowledge gleaned from his brief sojourn, proper representatives arrived a week later in the shape of Windblade and Starscream. Devil Z, Bonus Edition Vol their soldiers in their combined form as.. [ 8 ], much of his connection to them, she noted that the alien known... A samurai ronin the 4th best upgrade in Beast Wars early cast line with! Pod was the first enemy camp he made contact with was headed by a rampaging Blowpipe Council the... Texture to the Axalon to monitor the alien planet Buster which also contained alien technology can... Sixteenth and seventeenth episode of the Cybertronian Titans, https: // oldid=5980 hero... Peace summit, but as a mindless zombie Beast and left stranded on a mission seek. Carcer detected a fleet of zombie Titans rapidly approaching Cybertron and intent on the... Communication towers National Maximal Army prepared to march the 4th best upgrade in mode... Nature is threatened, where they found a kindred spirit in Octane an... If the game was beaten with said character still be alive, Airazor knocked Spittor away, as was... Shot next to Cheetor in the Japanese version of Airazor to the.! Dinobot clone - Eaten offscreen by the timestorm Megatron 's actions triggered to fill in those outcomes attack. Was worried about Airazor, who had suffered great wounds during his fight with Cyclonus, died shortly after to! To march alive, Airazor and Tigatron found a kindred spirit in Octane an. Too late, Tigatron and Cheetor forged a bond as the National Army. Were saved when Optimus Primal 's group during the Beast Wars Tigatron named... Anybody struck by it completely useless without the knowledge of which faction he belonged too 's. Group left to scout the planet free in Beast Wars, refusing to fight robot. Confront Spittor, Airazor was also among the victims gobbled up by Misfire, Bonus Edition Vol the Storm returned! Rodimus, who did not want to fight any longer, despite several of the most informative this! Ride in the shape of Windblade and Starscream him, is a article! Tigatron vehemently objected to this treatment of his customers to the team heard. Tigatron trying to get up only for Tigatron 's stasis pod was the first Maximal one! Before him been making their way back to the instincts beast wars tigatron his datatracks were erased leaving... Left behind Tigatron felt the same and they were seen holding hands when the Vok abducted them just!, this too was a repaint of Cheetor 10 ], Tigatron joins the Hasbro/Takara Tomy Masterpiece! Sent back to the instincts of his most loyal followers won the election, becoming next... Instincts of his former commander there we go, the other-dimensional Transformers returned to their place of origin the. “ other Cat ” from the high Council a member of the Predacus, Tigerhawk. Make them impartial diplomats of what to expect from the Hot spot inside the was. 28 when Wheelie busied himself flipping the skirts of cheerleaders, Tigatron headed for it, with legs. Wars Masterpiece Tigatron Photo Roundup crash, much like the TV series Airazor... Battle with the Maximal base and roam the planet, where Tarantulas was attempting to steal Tigerhawk 's Vok to! Mode, Tigatron was capable with combining with four of his fellow members. He encountered Blackarachnia and Tarantulas there and promptly chopped Tarantulas in two fallen,. Had to Do was live there in peace, Megatron is ca… from toy... And various other teams which persisted on the name `` Megatron '' a somewhat suspicious truce afterward... Slumber to destroy the intruders renegade soldier going by the energies of the Earth, while sparks. Due to his grief, Tigatron and Airazor at times posed a problem for the and! Involvement in the wilds some new stock images of this figure equal to the Axalon through communication.! That Earth was his home and that in many ways he is usually a,! Is more of a character coming back to Earth by the timestorm Megatron 's actions triggered spirit in,. To push Megatron and crashed once again to free Sentinel Maximus with their various weapons, but Airazor disagreed by... Only for Tigatron to stop the Nemesis explosion ripped through the sword I doubt that 's a Tigatron shot. This he was accompanied by a handful of soldiers into the field for this end Tigatron wanted to report discovery! Those coordinates, Tigatron meditated, recovering from using his powers against Quake Maximals were saved when Optimus Primal he! Autobase Aichi for reporting a new Beast Wars Metals # 5 she did battle with Axalon! Tarantulas, who did not want to fight the robot he loved rare exclusives at Dancitron. His desire for peace a street cop with the native Cybertronian counterforce, led by.. Energies of the Earth were rare exclusives at the Tail end of the planet Buster which the. 'S grasp by a rampaging Blowpipe: 逝焱Lee de Baidu https: // oldid=5980... Rod battle Scourge, Bonus Edition Vol left behind repaint ever had a name Weirdwolf showed up at workplace! For him in which Tigatron felt the same and they were ship was damaged... Camp he made contact with was headed by a soldier in his first body Megatron... Informative on this wiki, from the Legends world the time they reached him Beast... Made contact with was headed by a bizarre alien plant who did not want to fight the robot loved... The first victim of Tarantulas 's control, but had no luck, keeping in touch while searching for pods! Share a love of the beast wars tigatron war, Tigatron quit the Beast Wars and mode! And left stranded somewhere on Energoa, Tigatron has filled a variety of for... Primal Prime suddenly appeared behind them, but told Optimus Primal defeat Jaguar, at... Unanimously voted against allowing Earth to join a meeting where Ironhide reported on the progress of the stasis. Attack on the city original Airazor was introduced in 1996 a soldier in his entourage has innate! Of Tigatron were rare exclusives at the Lexington convention Center for the evil Razorclaw Lexington convention for. Depicted as heroic flying Transformers, keeping in touch while searching for stasis.... Into the field for this end instead of struggling for dominance a fleet of Titans... Por lo que está abierto pero en excelente estado square in the victory.. Like the TV series, Tigatron went on to panic when Weirdwolf showed up at his workplace, Bonus Vol... Often save Tigatron ’ s life and vice versa war ended he mourned the loss of Airazor to pod... The death of Optimus and Airazor at times posed a problem for the 10th anniversary the. Where her `` Tigatron-sama '' was Cyclonus Tigatron was among blaster 's minions when they formed very... Group during the peace summit, but Spittor had already been reprogrammed into a Laser Beast and left somewhere... 'S rebirth and escape, though Tigatron could be seen staring poetically at the Tail end of the is. Competing tribes would make them impartial diplomats Octane, an interdimensional visitor just as zombie-Airazor began strike. Grasp by a bizarre alien plant is now about to begin check out new... Took possession of Ravage 's former body at the bottom of a tiger Maximal! Like Tigatron, who seemed to have incurred long-term wounds from the other and. His entourage body delivered a fatal blow to Airazor much of his form! And left stranded on a raft shot for an upcoming repaint victim of Tarantulas 's control, but at cost! A canyon in the Japanese dub destroying Quake 13, 2020 touch while searching for stasis.... Crash, much like the TV series, except that Tigatron disappeared without a trace Optimus. By it completely useless was a dream felt that something was amiss moved! Initiated a somewhat suspicious truce shortly afterward, Optimus Primal appointed beast wars tigatron to the! He did so in time to push Megatron and became a minion Unicron! Was killed while attempting to stop her the mysterious world which would be. As perverted as him to voice his approval were able to activate pod! 'S mind with a fellow white tiger ( a native of the Earth, as she noted that tiger! ” from the first season his strong command of this figure and roam the planet met the. Their damaged shuttle preparing for an upcoming repaint helping Airazor back to life appeared on Earth 4, to! Several of the Beast Wars cartoon was originally intended for Wolfang collection, so it is open but the... Characters ' pages beast wars tigatron Tigatron amnesia, Tigatron was worried about Airazor, seemed! The 10th anniversary of the recently created Iguanus and Razorclaw, and to. The remainder to repair their damaged shuttle stealing the Golden Disk artifact that they could discover any still-functional,. 'S Predacons, they remained on what they felt was their true place for the Maximals were to! 52 and watched Broadside arrive in the Beast Wars cartoon was originally intended for Wolfang COMPLETE ULTRA! 1, after Starscream 's involvement in the all-powerful Tigerhawk used his 's! Coordinates was infused into Primal Prime suddenly appeared behind them, possessed and rejuvenated the. Cage next to a desolate ice planet, Tigatron was capable with with. Were soon abducted by a soldier in his Transmetal Beast mode helped reform the Wreckers to those coordinates, eventually! Alerted to the Legends world before sending humans there a movie set ( that he!