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Good And Bad About Black Coffee

Good And Bad About Black Coffee

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By on January 4th, 2019 in News & Events

Black coffee has a long history. At times, it has been touted as the magic drink that can cure illnesses while at other points in time, it has been blamed for impotence and madness. But what does science say with respect to black coffee? is it good or bad for you?

Good effects of black coffee

Below are the benefits of drinking black coffee.

  • Physical performance – Have a cup of black coffee before a workout. It increases your adrenaline levels and improves your overall performance by 11 to 12%.
  • Lose weight – Yes, you read that right! Coffee has magnesium and potassium, both of which are used to help the human body regulate insulin and blood sugar levels. This means, when you drink coffee, your craving for sugary desserts and sweets will go down, and in the process, you will end up losing weight. Also, caffeine present in coffee breaks down fat cells and uses it for physical activity.
  • Mental alertness – Black coffee has undiluted caffeine and this improves mental alertness. It triggers a hormone called adrenaline that is the “fight or flight” hormone in our body. When this is triggered, your mind and body becomes more poised and alert, so you can get more work done from your day.
  • Reduces the chances of diseases – Coffee in general and black coffee in particular, are known to combat many diseases. Research shows that it reduces the incidence of cancer by as much as 20%. It also lowers risk of stroke and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Fights depression – Caffeine in black coffee increases your euphoric feeling and makes you feel great and excited. This way, it fights laziness and depression and makes you feel fresh and energetic all day long.

Bad effects of black coffee

Though black coffee comes with many benefits, it is equally important to know some of the minor side effects it may have on your body when you drink more than six cups a day.

  • If you drink coffee with impurities, it can be toxic. So, make sure to buy only from the best coffee shops in your city.
  • If you drink 80 to 100 cups within a short period of time, it can be lethal. This is almost 23 liters of liquid, and even if you drink 23 liters of water, it can kill you.


To conclude, black coffee gives you a ton of health benefits, provided you consume it in moderate amounts. So, head to the best coffee shop in Pasadena and sip a freshly brewed black coffee.

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