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By on August 4th, 2020 in News & Events

If you are looking to cater for your next film production and want great craft coffee, The Coffee Gallery offers a full delivery service. When you are working to deadlines and need to fuel your crew you need the process to be as seamless as possible. Our Altadena based coffee shop has experience catering for film productions and events of all sizes, whether it be a simple craft coffee service or a full lunch service.

Catering to Suit all Budgets

Our craft services are available at different price points which means that you can hire us whether you have a production crew of 5 or 200. If you are catering for a smaller team we can take individual orders that can be prepared and either picked up by one of your team or delivered straight to your location. For larger productions, we can cater per-head from our coffee, breakfast, and lunch menus or you can request a custom package for the duration of your shoot.

Great Coffee

Our door to door offers a convenient way for you and your team enjoy refreshments without having to take long breaks from your shoot. While this is one of the major factors in many production teams choosing The Coffee Gallery the primary reason for choosing us is that we make great coffee. Our menu is comprised of classics such as flat whites and Americanos to rose lattes and fruit flavored iced drinks. We use Counter Culture coffee for a rich and fresh flavor that we are sure your cast and crew will love.

For a one-to-one consultation about having great coffee on your next Altadena film shoot contact The Coffee Gallery today. You can pre-order your on-set snacks, lunch orders, and regular coffee deliveries for any time of the day.

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