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Film And TV Production Catering Services In Altadena

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By on August 4th, 2020 in News & Events

The Coffee Gallery offers a coffee catering service for all types of events in Altadena and throughout Los Angeles, from small-large corporate events to film and TV production catering. We are an experienced business within the coffee shop industry and vast knowledge of the Hollywood catering scene.

Quality Craft Coffee Catering

Los Angeles is a city that is full of people who realise the importance of great coffee to get them through the day, none more so than those who work in the demanding Hollywood film industry. If you are in the business then you will know that your cast and crew perform best when they are provided good quality food to keep their performance top-notch. The Coffee Gallery coffee and lunch service can offer up everything from 100% smoothies to pancakes and waffles, and, of course, awesome Counter Culture coffee.

Expert Knowledge and Support

As a successful Los Angeles coffee shop we are aware of the stress that large event planners and film management companies are under to make their party go smoothly, so you are in safe hands with us. Our expert team of craft coffee experts will meet with you before your production starts to iron out all of the details so there are no hitches. If you have members of your cast and crew that have specific dietary requirements then we can look to create bespoke dishes to suit their needs. We can deliver our coffee to your set or have your order ready for you to pick up any time you need.

To enquire about the delivery of coffee and lunch services to your film location, contact The Coffee Gallery today.

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