Eating Out At The Coffee Gallery And Keep On Top Of Your DietThe Coffee Gallery

Eating Out At The Coffee Gallery And Keep On Top Of Your Diet

Eating Out At The Coffee Gallery And Keep On Top Of Your Diet

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By on October 14th, 2018 in News & Events

Being on a diet can be frustrating when you have to eat out but there are plenty of low-calorie snacks available at The Coffee Gallery. You can enjoy tasty treats that are high in flavor and low in calories.

Planning your Meals

Planning what you eat each day will guarantee that you get the majority of the vitamins, minerals and calories that you need while still shedding pounds. It is wise to arrange for what drinks, meals, and snacks you will eat so that you are not tempted with quick, unhealthy food.

Sourcing the Best Brands

The Coffee Gallery is dedicated to searching for companies that promote healthy living and that can give you the optimum amount of nutrients. When it comes to staying trim, we sell a large number of products that can support you as part of a calorie controlled diet. When drinking one of our juices and smoothies you will be getting high-quality ingredients, which is what we want when we work with other brands.

Some of our best selling brands are:

Hippeas– A delicious chickpea based snacks that comes in a variety of flavors including fajita, cheese, and herb. At just 99 calories, you can snack on a packet of Hippeas without experiencing any guilt. Come in and enjoy a bag alongside one of our immune boosting smoothies.

Bites of Luv—with a range of super food based treats, you can get a sugar fix from one of Bites of Luvs innovative products without consuming a lot of calories. The pale candy bar comes in at just 102 calories per serving as it is packed full of goodness so is kind to your body.

As well as these two brands we have many more low-calorie options here at The Coffee Gallery.

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