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By on August 4th, 2020 in News & Events

If you are looking for a regular supply of coffee whilst shooting a film in the Altadena area look no further than The Coffee Gallery. We can have large quantities of coffee brewed, put in containers to keep it warm, and delivered to your location every day. If you would prefer to take time out of your day we can reserve a space for you and the crew to take five and refuel.

If you regularly place coffee and food orders we can set up a recurring order for your convenience. One of our most popular orders is a later delivery of desserts that help to keep energy levels up during long shoots.

A Field Location Coffee Service you Can Rely On

If you are a successful film production company in Los Angeles and are looking for reliable places to shoot, choose The Coffee Gallery can add something fresh to your production. Instead of choosing the same old LA catering service to choose something new and hassle-free. You can hire our generous space as is or we can adapt our store to suit your needs.

The Coffee Gallery is at the Heart of Altadena

The team at The Coffee Gallery treat our community with the care and attention that they deserve. Our great relationship with our customers means that we can act as a proactive influence when you are shooting in the area. When you come to our store you will get a real feel of the types of people that drop to share their time within their community. We can help you chat with local residents and other businesses in the area so that your production runs as smoothly as possible. A vibrant environment will meet you and a strong professional ethic will stay with you when you leave. Whatever you need, The Coffee Gallery is at your service.

We would love you work with you on your next field production and look forward to hearing from you to book in a coffee tasting session.

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