Coffee In Pasadena Has Never Tasted BetterThe Coffee Gallery

Coffee In Pasadena Has Never Tasted Better

Coffee In Pasadena Has Never Tasted Better

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By on August 30th, 2018 in News & Events

When you’re passionate about coffee, being on the lookout for the best coffee shop near you is   part of your day-to-day life; Even when you’ve already found a perfect coffee shop, dropping by to try a new one is always fun. After all, you never know what you’ll find around the corner.

Every day can be an adventure, and if you live in or around Pasadena, the opportunities too find a quiet place to relax and drink coffee seem to be endless. However, the best coffee shops in Pasadena all tend to have something in common and that’s great coffee, great food and great service.

If you find yourself thinking “is there a gourmet coffee shop near me” every time you hit the street, rest assured that there is “yes, there is”, and its name is Coffee Gallery.

Coffee Gallery is committed to embracing Pasadena’s thriving community and innovative spirit by creating a space designed for people of all walks of life. A place where you can come and feel like part of something, all while enjoying the best coffee beans North Carolina has to offer.

Modern and comfortable, Coffee Gallery is, without a doubt, one of the best coffee shops in altadena. Thanks in no small part to its accessible and accommodating installations but also to its serious approach to coffee culture.

With a diverse menu that features a wide arrange of made to order meals, sustainable sourced coffee straight from North Carolina and prime ingredients, Coffee Gallery embraces Pasadena’s innovative counterculture spirit and offers an unique experience.

Here, you can find a comfortable place to study, work or date, with a large indoor sitting space, comfortable outdoor sitting area, large tables and free wi-fi, which makes it one of the best coffee shops in LA, whether you’re looking to organize a work meeting, a study session or you’re just looking for a place to chill.

Coffee Gallery menus offers a variety of options that can be adjusted to fit every lifestyle. From deli sandwiches made with Boars’ Head deli meats and sauces, to delicious vegan options like bowls and salads, Coffee Gallery has something for everyone.


Bring your laptop and take advantage of our free wi-fi while you people watch and enjoy Pasadena’s thriving spirit; Bring your coworkers to discuss innovative ideas while enjoying our organic coffee; Bring your new date and try our freshly made waffles or simply drop by on your own and submerge yourself in an eclectic space that respects the art of coffee while offering a place to people from all walks of life, all while providing great coffee, great food and great service.

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