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Coffee Catering for all Film Production Budgets

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By on August 4th, 2020 in News & Events

A film-set is a fast-paced environment that demands focus and attention from the whole cast and crew. If you are looking for a reliable craft coffee restaurant to fulfil your lunch service or simply to have great coffee on tap The Coffee Gallery can take it to your location. Our craft coffee services range from having your take-out order ready go each morning for someone to pick up to supplying food and coffee throughout each of your shooting days. We offer a wide range of food, from waffles delivered fresh to your set at breakfast time to pastries, salads, and healthy snacks on hand throughout the day and night.

The Coffee Gallery takes the hassle out of film-set catering as we have a wide range of foods to suit most dietary requirements and we can ensure you have food delivered on time. We can take orders daily or you can set out a budget and a schedule for the full length of your production. 

Keeping your Production Crew Happy

Our film production catering service is available for short and long-term shoots so that you can rely on a regular supply of coffee. If you do choose our full catering option, which includes food suitable for any time of the day or night, you can choose from our classic craft coffee shop menu or we can design a custom menu to suit your requirements. Our sandwich collection and pastries work well with our freshly roasted coffee so that your crew never go hungry. If you want to give your staff an extra treat you can pre-order desserts of your choice.

Prices are competitive and you do not have to worry about going over budget. We will simply work with your allowance and develop a custom menu to suit your requirements.

To order direct from The Coffee Gallery and have your food and drink delivered straight to your location contact us today. 

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