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A Film Ready East Coast Cafe!

A Film Ready East Coast Cafe!

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By on October 12th, 2018 in News & Events

Anyone who has ever worked in the film industry, or has done a film project, knows just how complicated it can be finding a filming location that reflects exactly what the director wants while also being both near other locations and near catering services, particularly when it comes to a small production.

But what if you could find such a place in the heart of the east coast? What if you could find the perfect cafe, which offers both rent availability and has the capacity to cater to your crew, provided you just need a small area of the coffee shop?

Well, look no further. Located in vibrant and trendy Pasadena, Coffee Gallery is perfect for you.

With a east coast look that screams trendy and unique, Coffee Gallery is the place too go if you’re looking for a coffee shop standing set near Altadena, Glendale, Burbank and Hollywood.  

Take advantage of this cafe’s small town look and feel, which reflects Pasadena’s community spirit and thriving personality. Or if you prefer, take advantage of Coffee Gallery’s top notch food and coffee, which features a made to order menu that can be personalized to better fit your crew’s needs and coffee straight from North Carolina.

Veggie wraps, salad bowls, pressed paninis and more! All made with top quality and organic ingredients and in the moment, which makes it perfect to accommodate any crew member’s dietary needs.

Located in a classic building, Coffee Gallery boasts two large areas: A roomy indoor area that features plenty of open space, perfect to fit your entire crew, and a large exterior seating area that captures the east coast look and spirit in ways few cafes can imitate.

Another aspect that makes Coffee Gallery a great coffee shop standing set is how it embraces the spirit of Pasadena, providing a space for people of all walks of life. Office workers, students, families, couples and more; The location is versatile and welcoming, making it a perfect choice for those looking for diners & coffee shop film locations near Glendale, Burbank, Altadena and Hollywood.

This versatility will allow you to use this location as a cafe, restaurant or even a quirky office building, increasing the amount of things you can do with the space and minimizing the pressure of looking for multiple locations. A little set dressing can make all the difference!


Luckily, Coffee Gallery offers the right combination of unique and familiar to make it the picture perfect east coast cafe, with a small business look and feel that a studio just can’t match.

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