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4 Cool Things to Do in Altadena

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By on August 4th, 2020 in News & Events

Altadena is a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers due to its prime location amidst the San Gabriel Mountains. While mountaineering is one of the most popular pursuits in Altadena, particularly a trip to the Sam Merrill Trail, there are other cool things to do in Altadena.

  1. Devil’s Gate

Situated in Pasadena, just a 10 minute drive from Altadena, Devil’s Gate Resevior in the Arroyo Seco is an infamous tourist attraction. A mixture of urban decay and nature, a trip to Devil’s Gate is fun and makes for great photographs if you are brave enough to enter Satan’s Lair!

2. The Cobb Estate

Lumbar magnate Charles Cobb built his estate in the foothills of the mountains of Pasadena and lived there until his death  in 1939. The walls of the Cobb Estate are believed to be haunted after new residents The Marx Brothers began to hear strange noises. The home was torn down in 1959 and lay unloved for many years. It is now a popular hiking destination so you can get your mix of natural charm and ghostly stories all in one place.

3. Zorthian Ranch

Zorthian Ranch is a 27-acre ranch that was owned by Jirayr Zorthian until his death in 2004. The quirky ranch is now used as a film set and is home to art installations. The site also contains goats, llamas, and horses and you can book an historical tour around the ranch for a fun day out when staying in Altadena.

4. Mount Lowe Railway

If you love biking then a day out on a trail of Mount Lowe Railway will get your adrenalin going. If biking is not your thing you can hike around the trail and take in all of the historic sites as you explore the 9.8 miles of Altadena nature.

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We hope that you have lots of fun in Altadena and remember to come say hello and enjoy great coffee.

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